Educate. Engage. Inspire. Act.

We orchestrate events that gathers a community together and presents them with a social cause and riddle that needs active creative thought, attention and cracking.

The lightening rod of inspiration for these think-tank sessions are the organizations that are directly connected to our communities and inspire individuals to bring their social good to life.

Each gathering is curated to unite a tapestry of people from all disciplines and backgrounds and will focus on the key question…

“How might WE make this better?”


The HIVE Be Good event topped any other speaker/intro to Homeboy event I have experienced in my time at Homeboy Industries.
Details from the size of the event space, music, food and venue coupled with the intentional meetings and inclusion of staff and speakers resulted in a team that worked well to really get into the action items of night.

Harper and Matt, we learned from you both last night, and want to implement your format for engagement and action moving forward – it was brilliant.
— Alexa Rousso, Director of Major Gifts, Homeboy Industries