Soho House West Hollywood || FoodFight!

FoodFight + HIVE Be Good + Soho Good

Soho Good and HIVE Be Good once again teamed up to bring awareness to two issues hitting our city - food waste and lack of healthy food for our growing homeless population. We focused on an initiative called FoodFight! which aims to reduce food waste in restaurants while improving access to healthy food at homeless shelters across Los Angeles. 

60 of our city's most innovative cause-based pioneers joined multi-disciplinary and socially-conscious Soho members to conceive inspired solutions to help propel FoodFight! to next level. 

Facilitated by: Matt Lillard and Harper McDonald, Co-Founders HIVE Be Good

Special Guests and Speakers: Dersu Rhodes, Design Director VICE Media and Emily Slade, Head of Growth Working Not Working